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Leverage global reach and deep sector knowledge toidentify and secure transformative leaders.

Senior Leadership Recruitment and Executive Services

Executive Search

Senior Leadership Recruitment

Our global talent acquisition services use innovative methodologies, including AI, to identify active and passive talent that matches our clients' requirements. We place senior candidates for C-suite, executive, director, and general manager roles as well as board directors and board members.  Our comprehensive services include searching, managing and informing candidate selection, and facilitating a seamless role commencement through strategic onboarding services."

Executive Development

Executive Capability Development

Our specialised coaching and onboarding programs lifts the effectiveness of current leaders and new appointments. Our personalised coaching provides individualised guidance, addressing strengths, challenges, and goals. Our experienced coaches unlock executive potential and enhance leadership capabilities. For new hires we provide a comprehensive onboarding program, setting them up for success in the critical first 90 days.

Leadership Planning

Leadership Succession Planning

We conduct thorough strategy and gap analyses to identify both current and future leadership needs within your organisation. Leveraging these insights, we develop strategies for the development of current leadership potential and talent acquisition, ensuring continuity and effectiveness in critical leadership roles.

International business man

Global Network

At Westgate Executive Search, our executive search services go beyond borders, linking Australian businesses with global talent. We identify international talent for companies and organisations in Australia, as well as sourcing experienced senior leaders for international firms with a footprint in Australia. Through our extensive international partner network, we have the expertise to identify and attract top-tier leadership from diverse markets, ensuring a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of our clients.

​More Than Money: The Unspoken Priorities of Senior Talent

Beyond the resume and the interview, what truly makes a senior candidate accept or decline an offer? We take a deeper dive in our blog into the hidden factors influencing candidate decisions. Learn more about how you can refine your recruitment strategy for lasting success.

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Westgate Brochure

Download our Brochure

At Westgate we understand that every talent acquisition strategy and leadership need is unique. Download our brochure to discover how we deliver bespoke recruitment strategies catering to diverse client requirements. We look forward to scheduling a confidential consultation to discuss how we can leverage our expertise in designing a customised approach to filling your senior leadership roles. 

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