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By cultivating knowledge and expertise, we enabletransformative leadership and strengthen governance practices.

Leadership and Governance Training

Effective leadership and robust governance are essential for organisational success. In collaboration with the Governance Institute of Australia, Westgate is dedicated to improving the quality of practices at all levels of corporate and non-corporate governance. We seek to promote excellence in leadership and  governance by offering comprehensive training programs designed to equip and continually update our partners with the necessary skills and knowledge. Our goal is to lead by example and provide the capabilities organisations need to govern effectively. Additionally, we prepare companies to elevate their leadership and governance standards, whether collaborating with Australian counterparts, operating within Australia, or navigating international business environments.

Customised Training Solutions

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Tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of individual organisations, our customised training solutions are crafted to enhance capabilities and address specific organisational challenges. From leadership development to governance training, our expert team collaborates closely with each organisation to design and deliver training programs that drive tangible results.

Key Features of Customised Training:

  • Needs Assessment: Thorough analysis of the organisation's current leadership and governance landscape to identify areas for improvement.​
  • Tailored Curriculum: Development of a bespoke training curriculum aligned with strategic goals and challenges.
  • Interactive Workshops: Engaging sessions designed to create active participation and practical learning experiences.
  • Expert Facilitators: Guidance from industry-leading experts with extensive experience in leadership and governance.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous assistance and follow-up to ensure the effective implementation of learned strategies and practices.



Tailored Training Programs

Cyber Security Risk
In today's digital world, information and systems are an organisation’s greatest assets and its greatest
threats. Cyber security incidents can result in significant financial, legal, regulatory, reputational, and
customer impacts, potentially leading to the end of an organisation. Community expectations have
changed, and organisations can no longer afford to overlook cyber security threats and management
activities. This course examines key areas of information security risk faced by organisations and
discusses the standards, guidelines, frameworks, and methodologies available for effective

Governance and Risk Management
Good governance encompasses the systems by which organisations are controlled and the mechanisms
by which they and their members are held accountable. It is demonstrated when all directors and senior
executives share a common understanding of risk. This course provides an understanding of effective
governance, including the function of risk management, and how both contribute to improved
corporate performance.

Governance Essentials
Good corporate governance is integral to achieving business and strategic objectives. It promotes clear
and transparent reporting lines, effective compliance systems, risk management, and stakeholder
confidence, and is built on an organisational culture of ethics and trust. This course explains the
meaning of governance and examines how governance frameworks, structures, operations, and
processes contribute to enhanced organisational performance and the achievement of business and
strategic objectives.

Delivered in collaboration with:

Award and Non-Award Programs

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In partnership with the Governance Institute of Australia, we offer a range of award and non-award programs focused on leadership and governance excellence. These collaborative initiatives provide participants with access to cutting-edge research, industry insights, and academic expertise, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience at the forefront of executive education.

Key Benefits of Partnership Programs

  • Academic Rigour: Benefit from programs aligned with industry standards and best practices in leadership and governance education.

  • Practical Relevance: Gain insights from real-world case studies and industry expertise integrated into the curriculum for immediate applicability.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse network of professionals and thought leaders within the global business community.

  • Credential Recognition: Earn recognition for program completion through prestigious certifications and qualifications.

  • Continual Learning: Access opportunities for ongoing professional development and skill enhancement through alumni networks and further education pathways.

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