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Westgate Recruitment Methodology

This methodology presents the detailed phases and steps of our executive recruitment process. In consultation with our clients we can tailor from a quick search to a comprehensive executive placement strategy. 


Phase 1. 

Executive Search

Scope Definition and Planning

Client consultation

Detailed discussion to understand our client's the unique organisational culture, strategic goals, and ideal candidate profile.

Customised search strategy development

Development of a customised search plan based on our clients insights, outlining sourcing channels and methodologies. 

Phase 2. 

Executive Search

Research and Candidate Identification

Candidate research

Sourcing of both active and passive candidates through comprehensive market research, scouting networks, discreet search methods, and promoting the role in relevant channels.

Candidate screening

Screening of potential candidates based on qualifications, experience and cultural fit, to generate a longlist of motivated and qualified talent in alignment with the role profile. 

Shortlist development

Collaborative approach to refine the longlist, creating a shortlist of the most promising candidates for further assessment.

Phase 3. 

Candidate Selection

Candidate evaluation and selection

Candidate assessment

Psychometric testing to evaluate leadership styles and competencies to inform the interview process.

Interview process

Defining interview criteria, developing behavioural interview questions and designing assessments. We manage logistics, scheduling and coordination of candidate interviews, as well as assisting in panel preparation. If required, we participate in interviews and manage candidate feedback. 

Candidate selection 

We support the selection process with our insights. We undertake referee checks and provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates. 

Phase 4. 

Strategic Onboarding

Strategic onboarding

Post-placement strategy

Designing a post-placement integration strategy in collaboration with the client to optimise onboarding and effectiveness of the new hire.

Talent coaching

Onboarding coaching for the new hire, scheduled over the first month with four weekly sessions, to develop a first 100-day action plan. This will support an effective transition into the new role.

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