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Fill your critical roles with confidence.Let our search specialists source the perfect fit.

Westgate Executive Search

Westgate Executive Search is a boutique agency specialising in recruiting exceptional talent for leadership roles in Australia and globally. We focus on C-suite, executive, director, and management positions. Our services include talent acquisition,  leadership development and board advisory. We deliver customised leadership training and coaching, as well as award and non-award training in partnership with the Governance Institute of Australia.

Our selection process is fair and inclusive, valuing competence, motivation, and diverse perspectives. We are committed to diversifying leadership roles across industries while upholding the principles of merit and excellence.

International business man

Global Network

At Westgate Executive Search, our executive search services go beyond borders, linking Australian businesses with global talent. We identify international talent for companies and organisations in Australia, as well as sourcing experienced senior leaders for international firms with a footprint in Australia. Through our international partner network, we have the expertise to identify and attract top-tier leadership from diverse markets, ensuring a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of our clients.

 Recruitment and Board Services


We specialise in identifying talent for C-suite, executive, director, and management positions. Utilising a comprehensive approach to match clients with outstanding candidates.

Assisting organisations in building effective and sustainable boards. From recruiting diverse board members to implementing robust governance frameworks.

Helping organisations identify and develop future leaders. Using assessments, coaching, and tailored development programs to foster growth and innovation.

Partnering with Non-Profit

Westgate Executive Search partners with select charities and non-profit organisations to contribute to positive social change. We believe in the power of organisations dedicated to positive social impact, and aspire to be part of their journey. We understand from our own experience the unique challenges and opportunities of organisations that are committed to making a difference.  In working with charitable and non-profit organisations, we will not make a profit either. 

Contact us today to explore how Westgate Executive Search can support your organisation's mission and contribute to the fulfillment of its potential.


Our team's first-hand understanding of specific industry dynamics inform our executive search practices. We apply this knowledge to identify and present qualified candidates, both active and passive, who demonstrably address our clients' strategic leadership needs. Our expertise includes the following domains:  

Our Partners

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